Risk appetite

Aged Care Facilities / Nursing Homes Accommodation Associations
AbattoirsBoilers, refrigeration, process/effluent plant, compressed air
Child CareAged / Respite / Disability Care Child Care
Bakeries Mixing machines, bun dividers, boilers, refrigeration, ovens
Freight Forwarders excl. High Hazard Air Conditioning install/maintenance Community Groups
Breweries Boilers, refrigeration, pressure vessels, process machinery, cold stores pumps
General EngineeringBottle Shops Not for Profit
Garages Air compressors, vehicle hoists, tuning machines, wheel balancers
Hardware - Retail and Wholesale Catering Firms
Butchers Band saws, mincers, refrigeration, air conditioning
Importers & Wholesalers:Child Care (including Molestation)
Cold stores Refrigeration
-          Clothing & Accessories / FootwearClothing & Textile Manufactures
Dairy plants Process machines, boilers, refrigeration, air conditioning
-          Commercial/Industrial Machinery Community Groups
Engineering Cranes, lathes, milling machines, shapers, guillotines, brake presses, punches, ventilation
-          Dry Goods/FoodConstruction Trades
Office buildings Air conditioning, boilers, lifts and mechanical services
-          Electrical GoodsDay Care / Home Based Care
Printers letterpresses, offset presses, guillotines, platemakers, binders
-          Variety GoodsEarthmoving
Vineyards Boilers, crushers, bottling machines, refrigeration, process plant
Large Retail Chains Engineering
Woodworking Saws, planers, drills, sanders, cranes, laminators, jointing machines
Licensed Clubs (Property Only)Event Promotors / Organisers
Medical Clinics Fibreglass Manufactures
Motels Food & Beverage Manufactures / + Recall
Plastics ManufacturingManufacturer of Agricultural equipment
Printers Manufacturing of Industrial Machinery
Property Owners:Mobile Animal Farms
-          Factory/IndustrialNot for Profit
-          Homemaker CentresOne Day Events
-          Retail/Shopping stripsPlastics Manufactures
-          Shopping Centres / Factory Outlets (Property Only) Playgroups
-          Warehousing/Import/Wholesale (non hazardous)Project Manager / Consultants
Respite Care Property Owner Schedules
Retail Organisations - Scheme Business Restaurants
Supermarkets (Property Only) Rubber & Paper Products Manufacturing
Cold Storage- EPSSawmills / Timber Processing
Food Industry- EPS Sporting and Social Clubs
Ten Pin Bowling
Theatre Groups/Productions
Tour Operators
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Zoos and Wildlife Parks